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Workshop Fee Covers:

Complimentary drinks and meals throughout the duration of the workshop.



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Workshop Contract

Complimentary Participation

for admitted EuroPriSe Experts that have paid their annual expert fee and participants of the Expert Admission Workshop

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I am aware that my registration will only be processed by EuroPriSe after I have submitted the filled-in and signed prolongation form via e-mail to*
EuroPriSe CA verifies prior to the workshop whether you meet all requirements for prolongation of your expert admission. Our PGP key is available in the imprint section.

The self-declaration for Prolongation can be found here.

I agree with EuroPriSe's workshop contract as reproduced on this page and note that it will also be reproduced in the confirmation email by EuroPriSe!*

Registration Form

Submission of the registration for the EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop makes the following terms and conditions an integral part of your contract with EuroPriSe GmbH regarding the workshop:


The registration for the EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop is legally binding. It may only be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation terms outlined below.

Confirmation of Registration

Registrations are confirmed by EuroPriSe GmbH via e-mail. The confirmation e-mail reproduces these terms and conditions as well as the workshop venue, workshop date and workshop hours. It results in the conclusion of the workshop contract between the registering person (participant) and EuroPriSe GmbH.

Contractual Services

The workshop fee covers the workshop documentation, namely the workshop presentations in digital format, complimentary drinks and meals during workshop hours and the speaker fees.


Substitutions may be proposed to EuroPriSe GmbH at any time. EuroPriSe GmbH is free to accept or decline a substitution.


If you find it necessary to cancel the registration completely, please notify EuroPriSe GmbH in textual format immediately.

Provided textual notice is received not later than four weeks prior to the workshop, 50 per cent of the workshop fee must be charged for the cancellation. It is regretted for registrations cancelled later than four weeks prior to the workshop and for no-shows at the workshop, the full workshop fee must be charged.

In the unlikely event that EuroPriSe shall deem it necessary to cancel the workshop, all pre-paid registration fees will be reimbursed. EuroPriSe shall not be liable for reimbursing the cost of travel or accommodation arrangements made by individual participants.

Workshop Fee, Invoicing

Admitted EuroPriSe Experts are free of charge provided that they have paid their annual fee in due time and have not attended a EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop during their current admission cycle of three years for free yet.

The same holds true for participants of the current EuroPriSe Expert Admission Workshop that have paid the fee for this workshop in due time and have informed EuroPriSe GmbH that they want to participate in the EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop when registering for the admission workshop.

For all other participants, the workshop fee amounts to € 415.96 Euro plus 19 per cent VAT.

The workshop fee is due for payment with confirmation of the registration and issuance of the invoice and in any case prior to participation in the workshop.

Foreign participants may be VAT reverse charged, if they can provide a valid VAT ID when registering.


Without written consent from EuroPriSe GmbH, it is not permitted to copy the workshop documentation, namely the workshop presentations in digital format or parts thereof or to pass it to third parties.

EuroPriSe GmbH retains the copyrights in any workshop documentation, in particular the rights of use and exploitation. Violations of copyrights may lead to criminal prosecution and civil penalties.


Workshop lectures and exercises are designed in a way that allows an attentive participant to reach the workshop objectives. EuroPriSe shall not be liable for the achievement of the workshop objectives by the participant.

In the case of material or pecuniary damages caused by negligence, EuroPriSe GmbH shall be liable for infringements of essential contractual obligations only. Liability shall be limited to damage foreseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract and characteristic for the contract, but to a maximum of the double workshop fee.


Personal data of the registering person are processed by EuroPriSe GmbH for the purpose of organising and conducting the EuroPriSe Expert Enhancement Workshop.

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