Expert Admission Workshop

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Lisbon, April 3+4, 2019
(+optional day 3 (April 5))


Workshop hours:
09:00 - 18:30 (Day 1+2)09:00 - 16:30 (Day 3) 


Event Overview

The 2-day workshop will introduce you to the EuroPriSe certification scheme: You will learn about EuroPriSe criteria and procedures and train how to specify a target of evaluation (ToE) and to write a EuroPriSe evaluation report. In addition, you will start to work on the training evaluation which is one important precondition for being admitted as EuroPriSe Expert.

The workshop is a combination of classroom and group work and involves practical examples. You will deal with privacy use cases to apply what you have learned and to benefit from the professional exchange with other workshop participants.   

During the workshop, the experienced speakers will introduce you to EuroPriSe's certification criteria for IT products and IT based services and provide you with an overview of EuroPriSe's strategy regarding the GDPR.

Enjoy meeting other privacy professionals from around the globe and expand your professional network

Note: Please study the requirements for expert admission thoroughly prior to registering to our workshop.


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