Combined Certification - EuroPriSe and ULD

EuroPriSe offers applicants the possibility to conduct combined certification projects together with ULD, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. ULD certifies compliance of hardware, software, automated procedures and services with German / Schleswig-Holstein data protection law. Please find more information on the ULD-Gütesiegel here [externer Link - TLS].

In case of a combined certification project, EuroPriSe and ULD collaborate closely.  Privacy professionals who are accredited as legal and technical experts for both certification schemes may hand in a single evaluation report dealing with the requirements of both schemes. Either the EuroPriSe certification authority or ULD takes the lead in the certification project and is primarily responsible for the validation of the evaluation report. The competent employees of the other certification scheme build on the findings of the employees of the leading scheme and focus on verifying that requirements resulting from the particularities of their certification scheme (e.g., specific legal provisions of German or Schleswig-Holstein law) are met. This approach comes with synergetic effects that may lead to a reduction of the overall certification costs. In order to collaborate in a combined certification project, the EuroPriSe and ULD must be permitted by the applicant to exchange information that is relevant for the conduct of the certification project.

Successful finalisation  of a combined certification project results in the award of both, the European Privacy Seal and the ULD-Gütesiegel.




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