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Iberemec CRM (client module)

Function as provided in September 2009

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Cert. No.



03/11/2009 until 31/10/2011

Public Report

Iberemec short public report [PDF]



Iberemec, S.A.

Ed. Iberemec, Polígono Lanbarren

20180 Oiartzun

Spain (Gipuzkoa)


Iberemec CRM online service processes only personal data that are strictly necessary for the provision of the service. Hereby, it strongly supports the principle of data avoidance and minimization.


The assignment of passwords to users is just in line with EuroPriSe requirements and is to be further optimized until the recertification of the service.


Iberemec, S.A. is a company specialised in heating systems. It retails and markets its products and consumer goods. Iberemec uses a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This CRM system inter alia comprises of an online service aimed at improving interaction with customers (client module).


Iberemec CRM online service is offered via Iberemec's website. Previously registered customers may access a private area on Iberemec's website.

After login to this private area they can

  • check address data,
  • check payment conditions data,
  • check pending offers and orders, delivery notes, pending and previous invoices as well as fares and prices,
  • purchase products.

Accessing and using Iberemec CRM online service involves processing of customers' personal data. Access to the platform is voluntary and offered to customers as an additional service and commercial channel. The online service is offered free of charge.

The Target of Evaluation is Iberemec CRM online service.

It involves

  • accessing the online service,
  • ordering products,
  • consulting and checking the information listed above,
  • system administration and hosting by Iberemec.

The ToE does not include

  • Iberemec CRM background and ERP background by CTI Soft, S.L.,
  • public areas of Iberemec's website,
  • transmission via third-party networks like Internet,
  • users' hardware and software.

Technical Evaluator

Luis Alfaro (Sigacus Gestión, S.L.)
Plaza Azkoitia, 5, 2D
20011 Donostia-San Sebastian

Legal Evaluator

Santiago Alfaro (Sigacus Gestión, S.L.)Plaza Azkoitia, 5, 2D
20011 Donostia-San Sebastian

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v1.5; service function as provided in 05/2018

Qualification: IT product and IT-based service (processor service)

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Version of Certification Criteria


Cert. No.



24/05/2018 - 31/05/2020




Public Report

f.i.t. Short Public Report Image Image 



Im Heegen 13
22113 Oststeinbek


Access policies can be used to restrict system usage to specific times of the day and/or IP addresses to reduce the attack vector for third-party access. A user session is controlled by means of a cross-tab synchronised session countdown.


Regarding the processing of personal data on third persons by means of f.i.t., it must be highlighted that the (usually) corporate users of the service qualify as controllers whereas REISSWOLF Systems GmbH acts as a processor on behalf of the users. Customers are advised that the legitimate use of the service may require the collection of the data subject's consent and/or declaration of release from confidentiality.


REISSWOLF f. i. t. is a web-based archiving system for data storage and access. It serves the purpose of uploading, storing, managing and exchanging data in the sense of a document management system. f.i.t. is a web application that can be used with common internet browsers. 


REISSWOLF f. i. t. is primarily designed for commercial use. It is distributed by REISSWOLF Systems GmbH and operated as Software as a Service (SaaS) in a data center in Germany.

The ToE includes

  • The web-based service REISSWOLF f.i.t. (for details, please cf. the short public report)

It does not include

  • REISSWOLF f.i.t. mobile app
  • REISSWOLF f.i.t. hotfolder
  • Office module
  • Teamviewer
  • Other alternative interfaces to clients

Technical + Legal Evaluator

Ann-Karina Wrede
Innungsstraße 7
21244 Buchholz

Initial Certification: 05/2018

REISSWOLF f.i.t. provides a web-based service that enables companies to upload, store, manage and exchange data in the sense of a document management system. Users of the service are controllers in respect of personal data on third persons that is processed by means of f.i.t.. The service is designed in a way that facilitates the users' compliance with EU data protection law.



This register is kept with the utmost care. However, EuroPriSe does NOT guarantee the accuracy of information found on the Site. Your reliance on information found on the Site is at your own risk.


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