• 11.16.2017
    EuroPriSe's Sebastian Meissner to speak at the ZertiVer 2017 conference on December 5, 2017
    Head of the EuroPriSe Certification Authority is going to give a presentation on “New possibilities of certification due to the General Data Protection Regulation”.
  • 11.09.2017
    Recertification of IT-Product “Privacy Protector”
    Image Software module for obfuscation of video data completes fourth recertification
  • 11.03.2017
    Introduction of the new EuroPriSe Experts
    Image EuroPriSe welcomes the new Experts to the EuroPriSe Expert Community.
  • 10.30.2017
    EuroPriSe Advisory Board: Introduction of Jordi Bacaria, the new expert representative
    Image EuroPriSe proudly announces that with Jordi Bacaria, a well experienced privacy professional has been elected as the new expert representative to the EuroPriSe Advisory Board.
  • 10.24.2017
    Publication of "The merits of data protection certification under the GDPR" by Sebastian Meissner
    Image Cross-reference to Sebastian Meissner's article in the "Legimag" magazine
  • 10.06.2017
    Recertification of IT product VALid-4F and of IT-based service VALid-ZLC
    Image Fraud prevention tool VALid-ZLC and self-certification solution VALid-4F successfully pass recertification according to EuroPriSe
  • 08.10.2017
    EuroPriSe extends its network of experts to Greece
    Image We warmly welcome Dr. Grigoris Lazarakos as a EuroPriSe Legal Expert. Grigoris is the first EuroPriSe Expert who is located in Greece.
  • 07.06.2017
    European Privacy Seal for SpeakUp System
    Image People Intouch B.V. is awarded the EuroPriSe seal for the whistleblowing system SpeakUp which allows messengers to communicate grievances via web and via phone.

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