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Application of Criteria

EuroPriSe criteria “translate” the requirements into questions that can be answered in the context of an audit or  certification. Not each and every question will be applicable to each and every product or service. The certification body shall ensure that in any certification procedure the relevant criteria are applied and that all related questions are answered in a plausible manner, the appropriate granularity, and at a uniform and comparable level.

Legal Foundation

The EuroPriSe criteria are build on the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) and other important EU regulations in relation to data protection, such as the ePrivacy Directive. In the catalogue, you will find a reference to the respective legal article and document the criterion refers to.

EuroPriSe Certification Criteria

Valuable Criteria for a Valuable Certification

The value of a trust mark is based on the value of its criteria. Together with a transparent certification procedure conducted by a financially independent and impartial third party they build the foundation for confidence and trust.

Meaningful criteria are

  1. Based on relevant legal requirements to
  2. Facilitate legal compliance,
  3. Freely accessible by the public, and
  4. Verifiable.

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